Casey is a local Laguna Beach full service Realtor. His belief is that buying, selling or investing in real estate should be a great experiance. His number one goal as a real estate professional is not only meeting his or her client needs or goals but exceeding there expectations. Making the process as easy as it can be keeping the client informed as possible so the best decisions are made. Casey jumped into real estate when the market crashed in 2010. He started processing loan medication and negotiating solutions working with thousands of clients learning invaluable information. In 2016 Casey made the natural transition into helping homeowners keep there home to helping homeowners reach there real estate goals. He also doesn't mind rolling up his sleeves and utilizing his construction or painting skills to help get a property ready for sale. Outside of Real Estate Casey's passion and motivation is his family lovely wife and 2 beautiful little girls. His family loves music, art and the beach in no particular order. The Hensel family moved to Laguna Beach in 1966 and still lives in the same family home today on Top of the World. It's always been Casey's dream to raise his family in Laguna Beach and with any luck he can leave the home to the family for generations to enjoy the beauty that is Laguna Beach.